Pure vapor instantly. Anywhere.


Clean Vapor from a Portable Herbal Vaporizer or from your Water Pipe

Tasty herbal vapor, no lighter fumes.

Instant vaporization in two seconds. Really.

Cool vapor from a vaporizer pipe thanks to a solid aluminum stem.

Vapor viewing with the new J hook stem.

Water pipe adapter kit converts your 14mm water pipe to a vaporizer.


Your herb is vaporized efficiently, saving you money.

Beautifully Constructed

            An attached stir stick is standard on every Lotus.

The vapor cap is snugly attached to the bowl of the aluminum pipe stem by magnets.  Easy on, easy off.

The maple wood vapor cap is available in three finishes: gleaming black, turquoise, or natural maple.

The sleek aluminum pipe stem is black anodized and comes in two lengths: 6.5" and 5.5".

The pipe (stem and bowl) can safely and easily be cleaned by soaking them in alcohol.

The Lotus Vaporizer is made and assembled in the USA.

The Lotus Vaporizer has a three year guarantee. The hot plate is warranted for one year and is easily replaceable.  Buy with complete confidence.

Newest Customer Comment 

           I received my Lotus today. Holly f*ck, love it.....I had been happily using my Genie Classic lately and find that this puppy blows it away. Easier to control, tastes great, HUGE hits, AVB comes out very even colour and no scorching. - Pipes on FC Blog 7/11/14

           I've found MT's customer service exceptional. - Ratchett on FC Blog 7/12/14

Professionally Made

The patented Lotus Vaporizer was designed by a MIT-educated medical device engineer.


Lotus accessories you will need:

  • high quality butane fuel
  • grinder