How does the Lotus Vaporizer work?





The Lotus Vaporizer uses a patented design to keep the fumes of the flame separate from the air you inhale.  A thin nickel plate transfers the heat of the butane flame to the air that vaporizes your herb.  You never breathe the fumes of the flame because the flame is above the metal plate and the vaporizing air is drawn from far below the plate.  The herb is bathed in a flow of hot air that vaporizes the volatiles using the same convection principle as all the large, electrical, home based vaporizers. The vaporizing temperature is adjusted by the user, using the length of preheat time, flame size and speed of inhalation to produce the optimum temperature.



Do any of the parts get too hot to touch?

The lotus shaped ring gets very hot  and takes 20-30 seconds to cool after the torch flame is removed. Be careful when removing the vapor cap from the bowl/stem. The nickel plate (hot plate) gets very hot during use, but cools quickly after the torch flame is removed.


Will I be breathing metal fumes?

Testing by an independent laboratory found that the amount of fumes inhaled from the Lotus Vaporizer at vaporizing temperature is the same as that inhaled from ambient air at the high end of normal air quality (1 microgram per day).

According to the US Government Center for Disease Control (CDC) (section 1.3), we breathe in between 0.1 and 1 microgram of nickel per day.

Summary of Test and Results:Test Results Interpretation

Test Protocol: Nickel Fume Protocol

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Is there any metal, wood, plastic or butane taste in the vapor?

There is no wood, metal or butane taste with the Lotus Vaporizer. The air that goes past the wood is at room temperature. Lab tests have shown that nickel vapor in the heated air is not much higher than in normal air (see above). The flame/butane fumes go up because they are hot and a low density while the cool air is drawn in from below.

Why is there a metal pin sticking out of the bottom of the vapor cap?

The pin is a stir stick. It is used to stir up the contents of the bowl between uses. Hold the cap by its edge, lift it off the bowl, and swirl the stick in the bowl. Do not touch the metal Lotus ring while holding the cap.

What's the difference between the stem lengths?

Both stem lengths fully cool the vapor. The short stem is stealthier than the long one.  The long one is easier to use if its hard for you to focus your eyes at short distances. The flame should heat the center of the Lotus flower.

How do I care for and maintain my lighter?


  • Depress button slowly, not quickly like a flint lighter.



  • Use only high quality triple-filtered butane.  Cheaper fuels will contaminate and plug lighter.
  • Make sure no open flames are nearby.


  1. Adjust the flame height to low.
  2. Bleed lighter tank by pressing down on the lighter refill valve until hissing sound stops.
  3. Shake refill can to check if it contains gas.
  4. Hold both refill can and lighter upside down, one in each hand.
  5. Push refill nozzle firmly all the way into lighter refill valve and hold for 15-20 seconds.
  6. Wait until lighter reaches room temperature before igniting (roughly 5-10 minutes).
  7. Reset flame height adjuster to your desired setting.


How long does the fuel in the lighter last?

Under typical conditions a filled lighter will last more than twenty uses before requiring fresh fuel. Individual use patterns, practice, etc will have a large impact on how long a fuel refill will last.


Can I use the clean-air Lotus Vaporizer with my own lighter?

The clean-air Lotus Vaporizer should be used with a goose-neck style torch lighter.  The more common straight-necked torch lighters don't work well with the Lotus because they would have to be used in an upside down position and not operate reliably. The Lotus Vaporizer could be used on its side with a straight-necked torch lighter but you would see the top of the Lotus Vaporizer with only one eye and lose depth perception. While this configuration would work, we don't recommend it.

A standard yellow flame cigarette lighter does not produce enough heat for the vapor cap to work properly. Additionally, when the flame hits the 'hot plate', a large amount of soot is left behind.


Where is the Lotus Vaporizer made?

The clean-air Lotus Vaporizer is designed and manufactured in the USA. We're doing our part to help manufacturing return to the USA.


How is the clean-air Lotus Vaporizer different than the competition?

Many of the torch powered vapes pull in butane fumes along with the inhalation air. Our objective in designing the Lotus Vaporizer was that no fumes (butane or otherwise) would be inhaled other than the volatiles of the material being vaporized.